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15 May 2011

Boots No7 Skin Illuminator - Can we please have the old packaging back?

This product is absolutely lovely and it’s available in pink and peach. The only thing I hate is the packaging! I don’t really need the brush, but I didn’t mind it…until I squeezed enough product to cover my entire body… As the product is being dispensed from a nozzle covered by the brush you can never tell how much product you’re squeezing out. I much prefer the old glass packaging that used to come with a pump!

As I didn’t have any empty travel bottles, I’ve decided to get rid of the useless brush. Here’s the result after nearly 20 minutes of “fighting” with the brush:

Can we please have the old packaging back? I wish companies would not include brushes and silly sponge applicators that always get thrown away, but think of practical and hygienic packaging.

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