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4 August 2013

“Undercover” make-up for men: Dark Circles

This short series is dedicated to men who want to know how to apply their own make-up and have it look very natural, invisible in HD format. 
Make-up is a must for everyone being in front of the camera, but unfortunately there’s not always a budget to hire a make-up artist. 

Most male talents are used to wearing make-up, but “real” people (for lack of a better word!) also want to look their best on camera, as well as in their professional activities. I find that the majority of male talents are used to the process of applying a full face of make-up, but for corporate and private clients I prefer to use the approach presented in this series.
I’m going to divide the process in a few steps, that way it’s easier to follow and only use the required steps.
In this episode I’m going to show you how to successfully cover dark circles. Dark circles make us look tired even if we’re not. Whether you need to be on camera or you have an important meeting, looking well rested certainly helps. The one thing you need to bear in mind is that the make-up should be undetectable – texture looks worst than dark circles do!
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