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30 July 2013

“Undercover” make-up for men: Skin Preparation

This short series is dedicated to men who want to know how to apply their own make-up and have it look very natural, invisible in HD format.

Make-up is a must for everyone being in front of the camera, but unfortunately there’s not always a budget to hire a make-up artist.

Most male talents are used to wearing make-up, but “real” people (for lack of a better word!) also want to look their best on camera, as well as in their professional activities. I find that the majority of male talents are used to the process of applying a full face of make-up, but for corporate and private clients I prefer to use the approach presented in this series.

I’m going to divide the process in a few steps, that way it’s easier to follow and only use the required steps.

In this episode I’m going to show you how to prepare the skin for make-up application. Prepping the skin is a crucial step as it affects the application of make-up and its longevity.

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