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19 September 2011

Collection 2000 Creme Puffs

I rarely get excited about makeup products nowadays, but these are amazing! I've discovered them last month and I'm still in love... Creme Puffs are a cross between lipstick and lip balm, have a creamy consistency and velvety - matte finish. The colours are rather fab, although I'd love to see a red in the range!

They apply like a dream, smell like creme brulee and last surprisingly long on the lips ( and cheeks!). You only get 5 ml, but the packaging is nice and it's only £2.99 ( 3 for 2in Boots now)... Here are swatches of all four shades available:

From left to right: Cotton Candy 1, Fairy Cake 3, Powder Puff 2 and Angel Delight 4

Definately go and check them out, you'll love the Creme Puffs!


Cessa said...

wow really nice colours

Cessa said...

oh wenn du bestimmte sachen suchst kann ich die dir gern besorgen....dafür gibts ja leider auch vieles nicht bei uns was es in england gibt:(


Unknown said...

@Princessa Danke schön,du bist süß :)) Wir wollen immer, was nicht zur Verfügung!

Sharon said...

wow the consistency of these lip products are so creamy and marshmallow-y