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8 July 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Collection

How it all started: 10.30 in the morning, having a cup of tea and reading my e-mails... Another e-mail from MAC announcing the lauch of Fashion Flower Collection... 

First reaction: What? Another one? Semi Precious just got launched on Wednesday... two collections in a week? That's just too much... for my wallet :)

Second reaction: Oh, let's just check it... just for fun... Nothing really exciting... oh but wait! Alpha Girl Beauty Powder? Ever Hip Lipstick? Missed the first one in 2008 (Heatherette) & second one last year (Give me Liberty of London)... Let's just call MAC Soho!

The drama: Ever Hip is sold out (already) & only one Alpha Girl left...

The big decision: Reserve Alpha Girl & run to Selfridges to get Ever Hip!

Needless to say I'm very excited I've managed to get both :) I'll post some pictures and swatches tomorrow, when the lighting is better. It will also give me time to calm down and write a proper review!

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