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9 July 2011

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder is repromoted from Heatherette in 2008. As all beauty powders this is sheer, so it's very hard to over do it. 

It's a pale coral with pink undertone and has a satin finish. The shade is very nice, but I think it will be very subtle on medium/dark skin. For light skin tone this will work nice as a blush.

The beauty powder is packaged in the classic black compact with a mirror, but has an embossed flower pattern. Not an essential I would say, but a nice item to have.


Donna said...

I love alpha girl, it's so subtle and pretty. You have a wonderful blog by the way, I will be checking back to read more of your posts. I wish all the luck in the world with it (although I am sure you do not need it).

All the best,

Unknown said...

@Voe Thanks Voe, really appreciated! I think everyone can use a bit of luck :) Thanks for reading my posts, hope you'll enjoy following ones. Let me know if you've got any questions or requests. Have a lovely day!