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7 June 2011

Challenge: A week without makeup

Challenge: No eyeshadow, no mascara, no lipstick, no blush, no foundation, no concealer, no nothing. Well... only skin care & SPF allowed.

Why? I love make up and always try to understand the psychology of the women using it... The thing that shocked me is that more and more women have a full face of makeup when going to the gym, and even in the sauna ?! Even worse, you get women that wouldn't leave the house without makeup on and are embarrassed to be seen bare faced... As much as I love makeup, nothing is good in excess!

Result: It has been difficult to look at my vanity and not use anything... On the other hand I had 15 minutes of extra sleep every day :) I'm not wearing a full face of makeup everyday, but I did miss it. And let me tell you one thing: with or without makeup, our personality is the same!

Let me know if you've tried it, otherwise I challenge you !

P.S. Please say NO to makeup for gym, sauna, beach, etc...

Take care,

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