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5 January 2011

Inglot Eyeshadows

I've discovered Inglot last year, although the company was established over 25 years ago... Anyways, better late than never! They carry everything that a make up artist needs, but the stand out products for me are the eyeshadows!

I've been using lots of eyeshadows, from MAC to Chanel, so I had no expectations with Inglot,,, Fenomenal pigmentation, amazing colours and various finishes to choose from. On top of that they do something called the “Freedom System” which allows you to customise your palettes.

For £35 you get 10 eyeshadows of your choice in a magnetic palette. Each pan contains 2.7 grams of product. You can choose from 150 colours to customise your palette!

I'll post more details and swatches soon. Please go to for the complete range or visit the shop in Westfield London Shopping Centre. Hope you enjoy below colours. Stay tuned for swatches!


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