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12 March 2012

Save on lipstick palettes

I absolutely love palettes as they keep my kit organised and are easy to sanitise! As much as I like Z palettes for eyeshadows /blushes and Japonesque for lipsticks/ cream products I can’t really justify the price…

Carrying tubes of lipsticks in the kit is not really practical… you have to open each to see the colour and they can be lost/ left behind easily. I found these 6 and 12 compartments pill cases from Muji and decided to try them.

The product can be pushed or melted into the compartments. You can fit one tube of lipstick in a compartment, but if you decide to melt it you’ll need to press the divider as they’re not fixed.

Bonus – if you “Back to MAC” six empty lipstick tubes (or other qualifying items) you get a free lipstick or eyeshadow! So if you have 12 MAC lipsticks and decide to put them in a £1.50 palette, you get two free lipsticks!

I used a permanent marker to write the lipstick names on each palette. That way, if the client likes the product I can advise what that is. I use Beauty So Clean to sanitise my palettes after each client and clean the exterior of the palette with sanitising wipes. I made my palettes last year in September (when these pictures were taken) and the writing is still like new!

Having used the palettes for the past six months, I have to admit I love them and they work really well!


 ... and after



tita said...

hi, i was wondering how do you press or fixed the divider?


Unknown said...

Hi Tita, I just hold the divider in place whilst pouring the lipstick and release it after 15-20 seconds. If you don't want to melt the lipstick, you can just push it into the compartment. Let me know if that makes sense :)