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4 December 2011

Favourite cotton pads

I guess not a lot of people get excited about cotton pads, but I do! 

I've discovered these pads when I went to Muji to buy some pill cases ( which I used as lipstick palettes), and never looked back. Each pad has four layers, and I only need to use one pad when removing makeup. You get 60 pads for £2.50, but they actually last more than other packs of 120 round pads.

I use the pads on myself, but also in my kit and I just love how versatile they are! I use them mostly for removing makeup or clensing the face, but they're excellent as "shadow shields" too :) Whenever I happen to be near a Muji store, I always stock up on these pads! Definately a must have in my kit!

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