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6 July 2011

Quick tip - How to remove gel eyeliner from contact lenses

Have you ever experienced getting gel eyeliner on contact lenses? I guess if you're not a make up artist or wear contacts yourself this is not relevant for you, but maybe it's still worth a quick tip.

Often times I use gel liners for the waterline as they last longer and there's no need to set them with powder. Lots of my brides choose to ditch the glasses for contacts on their big day (and I can totally understand why).

Onto the tip:

Remove the lens and use your regular cleaning solution to re- hydrate it. This will not remove the eyeliner, but will help the lens to be very soft. Take a cotton bud and soak it in eye make up remover ( not oil based - I use Crealine from Bioderma), and gently clean the eyeliner. Then clean the lens one more time with your regular solution and you're done!

For myself, if I'm in a hurry I'll just take a cotton bud soaked in Crealine and remove the eyeliner without taking the lens off, but that depends on how comfortable you are...

Hope this was useful!

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